Welcome to the academy of early childhood fitness and development

Your Child’s Future Begins Here!

Your child’s future has been our primary interest for more than 35 years. Over the 25 years, it has become clear that preschoolers, for proper physical development, need to feel “safe with movement.” Our gymnastic academy provides the vehicle in which children begin that journey.

We Believe In Instructed Physical Activity

Our gymnastic Academy offers preschoolers that perfect blend of INSTRUCTION and PLAY within a FUN yet physically challenging setting. When you enroll in Christy’s, you receive a program which teaches your child to feel “safe with movement.” YOUR CHILDREN WILL LEARN IN A FUN SETTING WHILE ALWAYS UNDER THE WATCHFUL EYES OF OUR MOST CREDENTIALED STAFF.

Early Childhood Fitness & Development

The Wee Tumble Program (18 Mos.-3 Plus Yrs.)

WEE TUMBLE is a fun filled learning experience in which children and parents are true partners on the road to fitness and skill development. Each semester a skills chart is posted which provides parents with a class curriculum including skills, concepts and theme days. The WEE TUMBLE PROGRAM prepares students for the next step in their development —the JUNIOR GYM PROGRAM.

The Junior Gym Program (31/2 Years – 5 Plus Years)

Your preschooler is now ready to separate from you. In this program children take class independently, although parents may be close at hand in our viewing area. While your children are preschoolers, they progress through four levels of skills development preparing them for the GYM TIME PROGRAM.

Christy’s Recreational Gymnastics Program

Christy’s Gymnastics offers 6000 sq. feet of the finest gymnastics space available. Our clean, safe, fully equipped environment offers children 5 and half years and older, whether they are beginning gymnasts with little or no experience, or children who have received previous training, a highly qualified staff and small student/teacher ratios. With enjoyment as its prime objective, GYM TIME will enhance participant’s coordination, strength, flexibility and body awareness through supervised skill development received on all the Olympic apparatus. Full class schedule & fees can be found on our Facebook page:

group rhythmic gymnasts


The Competitive Program

gymnastics coaches

Since 1984 Christy’s Gymnastics has trained many state, regional and national champions. Children who choose the competitive program are taught, not only the needed gymnastic skills, but also the dance, choreography and conditioning necessary to proudly represent themselves in the competitive arena. Children who take part in the competitive program progress in levels. Movement from one level to the next is at the coaches discretion based on achievement and skill development. CHRISTY’S GYMNASTICS IS A MEMBER OF USA GYMNASTICS.